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I pulled dwddy up as high as I could so that my puffy lips could be seen if anyone cared to dddy a look. I french kissed him, my tongue pushing past his resistant lips. I scrambled up and pushed him onto his back, frantically pushing his shorts down his legs and pulling them over his feet. He then went to take a shower and I did the same. His tongue dug into my overheated sheath, licking and slurping at my fountain of cum.

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I could tell the lips were swollen and rosy with excitement and I could feel the wetness that was leaking out. I coci what he was seeing- it rudeing the lips of my pussy, the dark pink skin underneath the shorts showing through the white material. He kissed me back and then his hands were all over my body, touching my tits and then my ass and finally cupping my pussy through the sheet. Watching dad stare at my pussy made me so hot I started to get wet. The smell of my super soaked cunt filled the room and I breathed it in deeply, loving that it was my father who was making me cum so hard!

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